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Northwest Pipe Fittings helps cities, towns, public works, and excavating contractors with their projects from bid to completion by providing the products and service they need and expect to get the job done. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provide support and help in solving the unexpected situation that often arises on the jobsite. We can provide additional services such as direct shipment, delivery and material storage trailers to help you save time and money on your job.

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We have an extensive inventory of products in stock including C900 PVC pipe, hydrants, valves, restraint joints, repair clamps and couplings, tapping saddles, tracer wire, HDPE, septic tanks, cisterns, curb and valve boxes, keys, culvert, manhole rings, frames and covers, water meters and PVC electrical conduit. Northwest Pipe Fittings can provide systems design and estimating for fresh and wastewater plants, pump stations, rural water systems and subdivisions, neptune water metering systems design and estimating, live water-main hot taps, septic design and estimating and much more. We will also help you find that special item we don’t happen to have in stock that you need to finish your job.

Our Utilities & Excavation Vendors

You can rely on us to provide quality products from Mueller Company, Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), Tyler Pipe, EBAA Iron, Smith Blair, North American Pipe Corporation, WL Plastics, Deeter Foundry, Mueller Systems (formally Hersey Meters) and Norwesco.

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