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Mechanical contractors can trust Northwest Pipe Fittings to fulfill their job requirements through their extensive inventory and superior customer service. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is there to help throughout the entire job process with fair and accurate quotes as well as coordinating jobsite delivery and storage. They can help find and deliver special material needs and/or change orders that arise on the job.

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Occasionally there will be changes to the job due to unforeseen situations, and the extensive inventory on hand at Northwest Pipe Fittings can help reduce their impact on your bottom line. We stock a broad base of black, cast iron, galvanized, and stainless-steel pipe and threaded fittings as well as cast iron flanged, copper, grooved, weld and press connect fittings. We also carry a variety of hangers, strut, pressure rated valves, roof and floor drains, pipe marking labels, insulation and tools to complete the job. Our broad HVAC offerings include both residential and commercial, more specifically hydronic boiler, pump and piping system design and estimation, snowmelt design and estimating, forced air design and project quoting for both residential and commercial application. Additionally, mini-split heating and cooling, unit heater, infrared heater design and estimating, wall heater sizing and estimating, unit heater and infra-red tub heater sizing and quoting for residential and commercial application. We research and source any other special material requirements you may have on the job too.

Our Mechanical & HVAC Vendors

We proudly distribute the quality products offered by Anvil, Viega, Weldbend, Merit, Nibco and Mifab.

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